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Janasena party, is a new party working for the better society. Through its new age politics, the party is challenging the contemporary sectarian and divisive politics. Janasena founder and President PawanKalyan Garu is a visionary leader who envisions development without environmental destruction. Our party truly believes in Indian constitution and values enriched in it, we at Janasena strive to achieve the vision of the Indian constitution through our Ideology and principals. Through NRI fellowship we invite you to join us in our journey of change.

NRI Fellowship :

The fellowship is an opportunity for the interested young professional have during this fellowship, fellows will gain first-hand knowledge about how an election campaign works, from the initial phase of strategizing, campaigning and finally to exit poll analysis. Which Include several field-level activities such as door-to-door campaigning, explaining the vision of Janasena to voters and organizing an event to bring together hundreds of voters in the constituency along with the select assembly candidates on the same platform for an interactive session.

The fellowship is an ideal platform for encouraging citizen journalism as it also focusses on media tracking, designing and implementing visual campaigns, content generation through videography, photography and social media campaigning. Fellows will be responsible for generating creative content for the various campaigns and write articles on issues raising voter awareness and the nature of electoral campaigns. This will be a unique learning experience for all individuals, interacting and getting acquainted with the functioning of the largest democracy in the world where 30 million voters will exercise their right to vote in May 2019 and choose their future for the next five years

Scope of Work:

Under the Fellowship Programme, a Fellow signed up would be assigned to the Assembly constituency. The Fellow, who will be a young professional would work from the AC and support the candidate incampaign management, gap analysis,volunteer management and implementation of the party programs:

  1. Provide managerial support and act as facilitator in implementation and monitoring of the party campaigns.
  2. To work in different mediums of outreach (Ground& Digital Platforms)
  3. Managing party volunteers